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High Five For Friday #9 – Carnival Edition

Another week passed by in absolutely no time and I was soooo busy!!! Next week, I’ll be in Berlin for ITB Berlin to work. That is why I spend most of my time preparing these days… on top of that, Carnival is in full swing this week! So here we go with my High Five for Friday – Carnival Edition:

High Five For Friday

1. Carnival Show in our village

Last weekend, we celebrated carnival in our village with a big annual show in which I was a part of the stage program for the first time! As mentioned before, I was part of the cheerleading show and it was great fun!!!

High Five for Friday - Cheerleading

2+3. Sunday activities

Last Sunday, I spent once again baking and taking pictures of “my” tree. I love these Sunday activities that became kind of a regularity.

High Five for Friday - Tree Project

For the first time, I managed to bake a braided white nut loaf. Last time I tried it, it did not work out but last Sunday, it was really yummy!

High Five for Friday - braided white nut loaf

4. My eat me crunchy bowl

I have never been a fan of cereals with milk in the morning. I love it when my cereal is all crunchy but as soon as it gets soggy, I cannot stand it anymore! This is why I was so happy when I found this amazing invention a couple of years ago when I lived in the UK: My eat me crunchy bowl. I will do a special post on this at a later time, I promise! It is so awesome that it deserves its own post!!!

High Five for Friday - Eat me crunchy

5. Women’s day

The week started with Carnival celebrations and finished yesterday with another Carnival party in our village. It was women’s day and traditionally, I spent it with some other women around 3 in the afternoon! We had a lot to drink and to eat and later on finished off the day at the local fire brigade building. Christian came along as well:

High Five for Friday - Carnival's Women's DayI like getting dressed up and wearing costumes but now, I am kind of over fancy dressed parties for the year! Carnival will soon be over and everything will be back to normal. The next week will be the hardest one of the year as I have to work at the trade show. But it is usually a great time so I am very much looking forward to it! I am not sure how often I will be able to post next week but I will be giving my very best to write as often as possible.

This weekend, we will be enjoying some quiet time, relax and continue preparing our journey to Berlin. How was your week and how will you be spending your weekend? Please join the fun and take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week!

Happy Weekend!!! xoxo


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    • I love fancy dress parties but after a week I am glad to finally wear “normal” clothes again…


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