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Hitting the Road

Two weeks ago I bought myself a new mountain bike. So far I only rid a normal bike with 3 gears but for the area I am living in now, a better bike was necessary.

My boyfriend is actively mountain biking for a while now and after trying it several times with his sister’s bike I decided that it was time to get my own!

Since I bought it two weeks ago we did two big tours. I joined the local mountain bike group and every Tuesday evening we go cycling for around two hours every week now. Last week was my first tour and we did 27km in 1.45 hours and we managed to climb 400m uphill! I was pretty exhausted after this tour since I am not used to this sort of exercise at all but I also felt extremely good about myself. Even though some bits were really exhausting, the great view we had in the end on top of the hill was pretty awesome! Sadly, i did not bring my camera to take pictures…

Last Saturday we did another tour and did 25km with a break at a local ice cream parlour! Mountain biking in this part of Germany is just fun and you don’t really notice the exercise you do!

More about my bike tours later on!

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