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How many Hobbies are too many?

Today I was thinking about my hobbies. I have lots of hobbies and I love them all. The problem is the time constraint I am experiencing when it comes to actually doing the thing I love.


At the moment I am focussing on the probably oldest and most intense hobby I have: Reading books. A while ago, I started writing a blog about the books I am reading, giving reviews and my opinion on the stuff I read. I really enjoy doing that and I am working on my blog several times a day. I am constantly updating it with new features, posts and pages. Additionally, I set up a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account for my blog. Yesterday I found as well this amazing website which is called Goodreads. I created my own profile there as well! It is a great platform to share and talk about books and to find people who love the same things I love. Through this whole book blog writing thing, I figured out that I really like blogs and I started reading and following other blogs. I already connected my blog to other interesting blogs and I find new interesting blogs out there every day. One lead to another because on every blog you can find new recommendations for other blogs… So, my once just reading hobby lead me to a complete new hobby:


Blogging is not just interesting for me for private reasons but as well for professional reasons. For a year now, I am working as a community manager and thus, I work with everything that has to do with the Web 2.0 and blogging is one big part of that. Before becoming a blogger myself, I wasn’t really aware of this part of Web 2.0 and I am still surprised which big new world is presenting itself to me there.

Through blogs, I can find as well information about all my other big hobbies like photography, cooking, traveling, languages, cultures, music, TV-Shows and movies… There are blogs for everything. But while I do not even have the time to find an read blogs about all these hobbies, how on earth am I supposed to do all these things? I do not even have the time to satisfy one hobby completely. There are lots of books I still have to read piling up here. I tried reading several at the same time but that does not speed up the process as I found out.

Lack of Time

A day is just to short to cook a great meal, watch funny TV-Shows or a movie, listen to good music, read a good book, learn a new language, take fantastic pictures or even travel… A day just has 24 hours and when I am going to start working I will spend a third of those 24 hours working, another third on sleeping and the last third is the time I can use for my hobbies, my friends and all the other things that have to be done throughout a day…

I just wish I could win the lottery so that I would have more time to do all these things because I would not need an actual job to earn money. I would have a job, for sure, because I need something that keeps me busy, something where I would have to go to every day but that does not have to be the whole day. 4 hours of work a day would be perfect. Getting up early in the morning, working a bit and then spend time on all my hobbies. That would be my dream day….

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