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How to Buy Kitchen Tiles in Less Than 30 Minutes

Kitchen Tiles

Last week, we began planning the renovation of our house. I know, we are not moving in officially before next summer, but there is so much to think about and plan, that it is best to start off the planning early enough. I was not aware of how much there is to think of. I have never dealt with kitchens, heating, tiles etc… Usually, I just looked at pictures of interiors that I liked but never considered what sort of work these designs involve before they look as pretty as they do on the picture.

So last week, we started off totally unplanned. Friends of us told us about a tile sale as the tile company is closing one of their storage spaces. They reduced many sorts of tiles by up to 70%. A reason for us to go there. Many of my friends told me in advance that it would take ages to find the right and perfect tiles for a new home but it was surprisingly quick and easy in our case. We went there, told the lady working there what we wanted and half an hour later, we had bought 32 m² worth of tiles for the kitchen and hall of our new house. As they were a total bargain, there was no reason to wait any longer.

Kitchen Tiles

We both agreed on a white kitchen and the granite style dark grey tiles go perfectly with white kitchen furniture. We also like the worktop of the kitchen to have kind of the same dark grey as the floor tiles and for the wall behind the kitchen counter, we prefer translucent glass instead of tiles.

In order to buy kitchen tiles in less than 30 minutes, you just need to…

  • Know what you want (discuss this in advance with your partner so that you know what color and style your kitchen tiles should have)
  • Know the exact size of the room/s you are buying the tiles for (you don’t want to end up not having enough in the end…)
  • Try to go to a shop that has sufficient choices but does not overwhelm you with endless possibilities. If you have too many choices it is equally bad as having too less. A day after that, we walked into a kitchen store. Again, we both agreed on the same sort of facilities and design our new kitchen should have (I am still waiting for the moment we are totally discordant and have to argue about a decision).
  • Don’t be too picky. Checking millions of possible options can actually become confusing and might lead into wrong decisions. Just go with your gut feeling!
  • Find a great offer

Obviously, we did not buy a kitchen straight away. We have not even been inside the house yet but we have the floor plans and the shop assistant promised us to make a plan for the kitchen until the beginning of October. By then, we will definitely know what the interior of the house looks like and what needs to be done. One thing, I was not prepared for at all were all the questions, the shop assistant asked us in the kitchen shop. There was so much to think about as a new kitchen should be a perfect fit with ones cooking habits and needs.

If you could design your dream kitchen right now, what would it look like? Please share!

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