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How To Get From Totally Stressed Out To 100% Relaxed In No Time?

Tea Time Bloog - Seeking Relaxation

The last few weeks and months have been incredibly stressful with everything that was going on in our life. It was definitely time to get a bit of relaxation and how better get from totally stressed out to 100% relaxed in no time than to go on a little weekend vacation?

That’s exactly what we did this last weekend: We booked three days at the Lago di Garda in Italy and had an amazing time! I will now tell you all the great ways you can get relaxation on a weekend like that:

Book a Spa Hotel

Tea Time Blog -  Spa Hotel

Friends of ours recommended the Aqualux Spa & Terme Hotel in Bardolino and I cannot tell you how awesome this place is! You get everything you would expect from a Spa Hotel: Thermal Pools, Whirlpools, Massages, Saunas, etc… We had a lovely room overlooking the pool area and I was already feeling a bit more relaxed when we entered out beautiful room.

Enjoy a nice swim

Tea Time Blog -  Pool

As soon as we had unpacked, we took our swim gear and hit the pool! This thermal water is amazingly relaxing – no matter what the outside temperatures are like! We were really lucky as we had perfect summer weather…

Have a Cocktail

Tea Time Blog - Cocktail

I am a total Cocktails lover and obviously, our hotel had a pool bar. I could not stop myself from getting a cocktail straight after coming out of the pool. I was enjoying this yummy drink on my sun bed right next to the pool.

Have Delicious Food

Tea Time Blog - Comfort Food

Italy is a great place to get good food! We indulged so much great stuff in one weekend that I cannot imagine living without all these great restaurants around us anymore…

Go to a lake

Tea Time Blog - Relaxing at the lake

A lake or the ocean are more than perfect to relax! The sound of the water and waves is just calming me down instantly as soon as I arrive there! Also, there are so many spots around a lake or the ocean to sit down and watch the water.

Tea Time Blog - Relaxing at the lake Tea Time Blog - Relaxing at the lake

See a Beautiful Sunset

Tea Time Blog - Sunset 2

If you are really lucky and the weather is as perfect as it was this weekend around the Lago di Garda, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. We went down to the lake to do so and just sat there watching the sun slowly dropping into the mountains on the other side of the lake. What a perfect ending to a beautiful trip…

Tea Time Blog - Sunset Tea Time Blog - Sunset Tea Time Blog - Sunset Tea Time Blog - Sunset

This weekend was so much needed!!! I am facing the most stressful and exhausting week of the whole year as I am off for another trade show tomorrow (leaving the house at 4am to go to Frankfurt…) and I won’t be back before late on Saturday night! I can’t wait for this week to be over!!!

What are your secrets to relax after a stressful time? Please share them with us!!!

PS: I am going to share some more insights on this weekend away on my Travel Blog around next week. If you are interested, hop over and find out more!

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    • It is a great place and I can highly recommend going there!!! We had such a good time and I wished we could have stayed longer…


    • I can imagine but it is sooooo worth it!!! Italy has so much to offer and there are still so many regions waiting for us to being explored!!! :-)


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