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How to tell your boss you want to leave?

That is a question, I have asked myself today over and over again! I made my decision and I am still sticking to it but it is quite hard to tell this to your boss when you actually like her.

I know I do not have to tell them more than 3 months in advance and it is still early for that but I feel guilty about not telling them. Also I just took over the position of another colleague who recently left. This means for my boss that in a short time, she will have to find another replacement for me! On the other hand people are coming and leaving all the time in our office so it shouldn‘t be that much of a problem!

So far I have never had to quit a job because usually I had contracts that were just running out and I already knew what I was going to do afterwards. Now it is different. Now I am really going to quit! A new experience but I have to manage that. I need to tell them because it is only fair.

And I do not have to feel bad about it because I am not leaving because of my work. My work was what was keeping me here for so long! Of course it is hard to see that they are planning with me being there and today was just so incredibly busy because it was my first day back at work that I could not make an approach to my boss.

I am not good in delivering bad news – I never was. That makes it harder as well. I am a rather positive person and I do not like conflicts and this is a kind of conflict and naturally my body tries to avoid it. But sometimes we have to overcome our fears for the better! And I am still supporting my decision because I know that it is the right one! I just need to figure out what the best moment is to tell her!

I gave myself until the end of the week! That is my goal! I will find my moment and if I haven‘t until Friday then I have a personal development meeting with her anyway on Friday so I can mention it then at the latest.

At least I do not have to tell her that I hate my job because that is just not true! I love my work! I love what I am doing and if I would not be that unhappy here with the rest of my life, I would probably stay but a job cannot be the only thing that is holding you in one place. There need to be more and I just hope that my boss will understand this!

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