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I am just not a party girl anymore

When I was a teenager my whole life was about partying with my friends! I was a terrible student and not interested in much more than having fun with my friends. If you would ask my friends from back then, they would tell you that I have been partying every Friday and Saturday night and I was usually the one who stayed out the longest. Since I did not have the best relationship to my parents, my friends meant everything to me. Thus, I’ve spent as much time as possible with them.

That was around 10 years ago and I think that I have changed a lot since then. People who met me in University would never believe that I was not interested in studying and that I almost did not graduate from school. They would never believe that I would not participate in a language class and that my English teacher hated me because of my terrible English. Today, I am different. I am interesting in learning – especially languages! And my party life is kind of not existing.

Of course, I still like to see my friends and spend lots of time with them but I prefer to go out with them to a bar or a good restaurant, have good food and a few glasses of wine and just chat and enjoy their company. I do not have to go to a club that is completely overcrowded, get completely drunk, pay a ridiculous amount of money and only got hit on by totally smashed disgusting guys! That is not who I am anymore! I value different things much more nowadays. Going out and meeting friends is still what I like but I am usually home around midnight and do not wake up with a massive headache the next morning. In fact, I love getting up fairly early on the weekend. That is because my jobs demand so much of me during the week that I want to use the time I have on the weekend and do not want to sleep until lunch time.

I don’t know exactly when I have changed that much but I definitely love my new me and my new life style. Even though, once in a while, I still might like having a party night out I have to say that there is far more in life than partying  and I do not want to waste my life with it but focus more on things that bring me forwards like traveling, learning languages, chatting with my friends, reading  books, taking photos etc…

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