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I am not scared!

Yesterday, there has been a bomb alarm in front of our office. I have not been there because I was working in a different office yesterday but from what my colleagues told me it happened all really quickly and came completely unexpected.

Suddenly, early in the morning my team which usually sits right next to the windows facing the street had to leave their desks and move away from the windows. The street in front of the office has been evacuated before and police men and dogs were searching the whole area for a bomb. After 15 minutes, everything was over and my colleagues were allowed to return to their desks. It has just been (another) false alarm in London.

This has not been the first bomb alarm this week. There has been another one at the beginning of the week and parts of Central London had to be evacuated.

But what does that mean for our lives? The people living and working in London, passing places like Victoria station, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square etc… every day.

Of course, in the first place, you are shocked because you would never assume that something like that would ever happen to you. Suddenly, this is all really close whereas before, we have been watching things like that just from the news. Of course, living in a metropolis like London makes life a bit more risky with regard to terrorist attacks but not riskier than the life of people living in smaller towns or villages. Even after all these alarms, I am not scared. Things like that, as sad as it is, can happen every time and every where. We have absolutely no control over that.

But even if the risk for terrorism is less in smaller cities, that does not mean that this reduces the risk of dying or getting hurt. I can also got ran over by a car, get seriously ill or get killed by a crazy killer. All these things can happen without us having any kind of influence on them. We can just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I know this is unfair but sadly that is life!

Being scared or trying to hide does not help because what kind of life would we be living if we would just hide all the time from possible threads? And even then, the risk cannot be zeroed out. There is always a remaining risk because so many things can happen that we cannot control.

Of course, I do not put myself in extremely dangerous situations which would increase the risk but I am just trying to live a normal life being aware of the fact that terrorism and other life threatening things exist. No matter how far away I move from a big city or how much I avoid traveling, I would still not be able to decrease the risk to zero . If I happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time so be it but at least I will have enjoyed my life until then and can look back at all my great travel experiences.

I am shocked about what is happening around me because I just don’t understand why people can even consider harming other people but I am definitely not scared! My life will continue as usual and even my colleagues who were not allowed to sit at their desks for 15 minutes, used this time to have a quick team wrap up instead of panicking!

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