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I don’t want to be a Telecommunication Consultant!!!

The annoying thing about publishing your CV openly on a job-search website is that recruitment agencies call you offering the most ridiculous jobs ever!

Since, I’ve uploaded my CV in order to find a job, I received three calls like that! And all of them wanted to offer me a job as a person selling products on the phone or do marketing research on the phone! They forward their job advertisement and the job is always described in a fantastic way with the best words they could have found. But if you read between the lines, you can see that it’s just selling stuff on the phone! Working in a call center is a great job for students but I am a Postgraduate! I haven’t studied 4 years just to do a student job!!!!!

And even if I write an email to them explaining that I am not at all interested in the job, they still try to contact me on the phone… they are just not giving up!!! I already stored one of these numbers under Don’t answer in my phonebook…

What I really want is a job in marketing! Developing marketing strategies, being creative… this shouldn’t be that hard! So far I’ve sent out 20 applications and I was not invited to a single job interview!

I watched the movie Post Grad a while ago and I thought this would never happen to me, but now I’m in the exact same position! That movie is not the best I’ve ever seen but can give you hope in the end.

Looking back at this week I can say: good progress with my final thesis, no job, no job interview (not even close to it), still sad about the breakup but getting better day by day…

… to be continued

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