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I have a dream…

Good Day everybody!!! Today is a beautiful day which wad reason enough for me to get out my summer shoes for work!

Some of them are just flat sandals but some others have smaller or higher heels but that is the problem: I cannot really walk on heels and therefore, I decided to practise it! The office is a fantastic place to practise since I sit mot of the day but have to walk around once in a while which makes it easier to get used to the different type of shoe.

For me, being able to walk on heels has always been a dream! I adore people who are able to walk on them since they automatically have nicely shaped legs that look gorgious in heels! There is this kind of glamour sparkle that surrounds people on heels which I admire!

This year is going to be the end of my inability to walk with these beautiful shoes:

High Heels

Heels do not have to be 14cm high. 7-8 cm are perfectly fine to shape your legs in a beautiful way!

What I learned recently that helps a lot is to apply foot cream before wearing the heels. This makes your skin soft which helps to avoid blisters. There are also special sticks that work the same way.

Do you have any other ideas that might help me learn walking on heels quicker and make it more comfortable?

Last but not least, I am searching for new shoes that match all the beautiful summer dresses I recently bought! I am lookin for beige shoes with high heels that are a bit open so that they look like summer! :-) Any ideas from your side???

Thanks everyone and have a beautiful day!!! :-)

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