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Ice Cream Heaven

Hello Hello! :-)

I had an extremely relaxing evening yesterday! Good food and a good wine together with good company are just the best for a rainy day at home!!! Also I had Ice Cream after dinner (I know I know!!! Once again, I did not think about my diet… I am just useless when it comes to dieting…).

Don’t you just love Ice Cream? I could eat Ice Cream ALL the time!!! Did I mention that I used to work in an ice cream parlor while I was studying? Working in an ice cream parlor is not the best job in the world but it made me happy because I had ice cream basically every day and that totally made up for all the super sunny days I had to work while all my friends were enjoying their time and the sun at the lake!

Ice Cream Heaven

Many people only eat ice cream in the summer and only on hot days but I can literally eat it every day, no matter what the weather is or what the temperature is like! The only difference I make is that during winter or on colder days, I prefer creamy ice cream like chocolate, tiramisu or stracciatella while on warmer or hot days in the summer I usually prefer fresh and fruity sorts such as strawberry, green apple or yoghurt ice cream.

Another great thing to eat during a cold winter day here in Germany is Vanilla ice cream with “Apfelstrudel” which is a sort of hot apple pie! I just love how the ice cream melts next to the warm cake!!! It really is to die for!!!

I am so looking forward to our greek holiday in the 5 star hotel because I bet they will have ice cream there and I will have it Every. Single. Day. of our trip!!! :-)

What sort of dessert can you not resist? Anything I am missing out while I was in ice cream heaven?

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