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Instagramming through the Week #2

I did something seriously horrible this weekend! I tried to be smart and move my travel blog domain from one host to the one I am also hosting my Tea Time blog on. The only problem: I am not smart! Why? Because in the process I managed to delete everything from my Tea Time Blog… Bummer!

I was able to get back all data until the beginning of April and still have all the texts and pictures of all my posts up until last week but it will take me a while to restore it completely. At least it is not all lost so I keep my mood up and go on with the usual business as of now!

Last week, I posted my first Instagram week recap (oh how much I wish I could now link back to that post…). Today, it is time for the next one, so here we go with my week on Instagram part II:

Instagram 1

Instagram 2

1. My week started with loads of rain and ice cold temperatures so that we had to use an electrical heater to get a bearable room temperature within our office. 2. Also, I received a present from one of our clients. Sometimes, I really ask myself where people get these kind of promotional gifts from…

Instagram 5

Instagram 4

Instagram 3

3-5. Tuesday was a bit better than Monday and I was woken up by the sun and nature showed its best side on my way to work.

Instagram 7

Instagram 8

6&7. On Wednesday, the last day before the big rain, we did a little after work walk around our village and enjoyed some last sunshine and warmer temperatures. The weather forecast already announced terrible weather for the rest of the week so this was kind of our last chance!

Instagram 6

Instagram 9

Instagram 13

8. This bench has been donated to our village! I love benches that are positioned randomly in the landscape as you can just sit down, rest and enjoy your surroundings while taking a walk. 9. On the first picture, you can see our village. While sitting on the bench, the view is a bit different but also lovely, don’t you think? 10. Sometimes, you have to walk other ways than the paved walkways to discover much more beautiful things!

Instagram 10

Instagram 11

Instagram 12

11. After our walk, we quickly stopped by my boyfriend’s parents house for a glass of red wine on the balcony! I love to sit outside during a mild evening, talk to people and enjoy a glass of wine – there is nothing better than that on a weekday’s evening!!! 12. My boyfriend’s mum decorated her garden in a Mediterranean way which I adore! 13. The wall painting on the old building is very typical for the region! Personally not my style but it works for certain kinds of old buildings.

Breakfast Instagram

Girl's Night Instagram

14. Thursday was a bank holiday in many parts of Germany and my boyfriend surprised me with an awesome egg and ham omelette for breakfast!!! Very yummy!!! 15. I spent Thursday evening hosting a girl’s night at our place – with many yummy snacks, self made yogurt+herbs dip, wine and loads of girly laughter…

Pizza Instagram

Pokerface Instagram

Mr Pokerface Instagram

16. We spent the weekend in Constance, visiting friends. For dinner, we had this awesome pizza (which I only ate partly on Friday, saving the rest for Saturday AND Sunday breakfast…). 17. As we played poker Friday night, I was wearing some glasses to put on my poker face (only until I realized that my cards were reflected in the glass…) 18. Poker should not be serious all the time! There should also be time for some DIY fun…

Sunset Instagram

17. After 4 whole days of constant rain (many places in southern Germany got flooded due to the massive amounts of rain!), we were finally able to see the sun again and enjoyed this beautiful sunset yesterday night to finish off a rainy, cold but also fun week!

What about you? How was your week?

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