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Today was a great day! First we had visitors for the empty room in our flat that we are trying to rent out. Surprisingly, among 6 people there were no British people at all. We had two Germans, one Swedish, one Australian, one Spanish and one Slovakian. It was interesting getting to know all of them. They were all different but all nice in their own way! That is what I love about the UK and London in particular! You meet people from all parts of the world! You get to know so many different languages and cultures! It is absolutely amazing!

In the afternoon, my flatmate and me went out to go shopping with her Indian friend. In the end we ended up in a café surrounded by many people from different countries who all spoke in their native language. Next to us there were these two Spanish women and I always tried to understand what they were saying. I hope that this will get better as soon as I started my Spanish course next week!

I am always interested in other cultures, languages and different people!

If we all accept that there is no right and wrong in the way we are living our lives and if we all accept that others might be different and try to understand their culture and languages, we can learn so much and broaden our horizons! It enriches our lives so much to get to know different cultures and languages! It is the key to understand the world and with every person we meet on our way, we change a bit as well because there are always things we like about the way other people live and we always try to comprise these things in our own lives! My life has changed so much since I left Germany and since I got to know all these different people! And I am so glad for these experiences!!!

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