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Is Nespresso turning me into a Coffeeholic?

A very warm Good Morning to everybody!!! How was your Friday night? Mine was fantastic! I went to the summer party of our bike group and met a few new lovely people from our village! Finally, I am making friends here!!!

Also, yesterday I decided to get a new coffee machine! Our Senseo machine was kind of falling apart and the coffee was not the best to be honest… Thus, after my short day of work, I went to get a new one. The guy in the store gave his best to explain everything about all available machines and even let me try the coffee of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine and the Nespresso machine because I wasn’t sure which one to get!

I love having Cappuchino and Latte Machiato but after trying the coffees I really have to say you can not call the Dolce Gusto drink coffee!!! Nespresso definitely has the best coffee and that is why I decided for this machine. Of course, in order to get a cappuchino I will have to do my own milk foam and cannot just put in a coffee pad but hey, the best tasting things usually take a bit to prepare! If you want fast food or fast drinks in this case you have to accept a loss of quality compared to other drinks that take longer to prepare.

So, long story short, here it is! The one and only best coffee making machine in the world:


I have also been playing around with the pads to get another great shot:


How do you like it?

But don’t worry, I am still sticking to my “One coffee per day” rule since my stomache would hate me otherwise! :-)

Which coffee machine do you have at home and what do you love about it???

I wish you all a happy Saturday and a fantastic weekend!!!!

3 Kommentare

    • LOL! Will do! :-) I truely is amazing coffee! Just need to order new pads since the machine only came with one for each of the 16 different flavours…


  1. Coffee is always good! I do not have a coffee machine, I use a small Bodum press. Works for me- my husband is a tea drinker through and through, so it’s just me who consumes coffee! Love the photos


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