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It’s about to start…

Today, I moved to London completely. After meeting a friend in town, I went to my new flat and started unpacking and arranging my stuff in my room. In the beginning, I felt quite depressed because none of my flatmates were here and I felt really alone and miserable! But then one of them came home and it was soooo lovely to talk to her and to know that there is someone else in the house! I directly felt less alone and also less depressed.

Now my room looks a little bit more organised. I mean, I still need shelfs, a table and a chair, but at least I unpacked my cloths and some personal stuff which lets the room appear much warmer and friendlier. I still need decoration and stuff but I feel already better about the room!

Tomorrow is the big day then!!!! I am going to start my new job! I still haven’t realised that I am living in London now and that I have a real ob from tomorrow on! Everything seems so unreal to me! But I am looking forward to it as well! I waited for this so long and finally the moment has arrived!!!!

I guess, it just needs some time to get used to my new surroundings, the new job, new city etc… and after a while I am hopefully really happy here….

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