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It’s Barbecue Season!!!

For us Germans, this time of the year is very special! We get overly excited about the first warm days of the year because we can have our famous beer outside sitting in a beer garden and enjoy the sun at the same time! That is great! But one of the best things about spring is the first barbecue of the year! I have to admit, I am a meat lover anyway but there is a huge difference between meat fried in a pan and meat fried on a grill above an open fire or charcoals:


But it is not all just about the meat itself. It is more about the atmosphere of having a barbecue. It is not just a quick dinner but one during which you can sit together with your friends and enjoy good food together with a good wine or a cold beer. Usually, a barbecue lasts for many hours during which we grill meat constantly, eat, drink, talk and have fun.

Most of the times, you start in the late afternoon when it is still warm and bright outside so that you can enjoy your first drink and piece of meat in the sun. Then, the whole gathering lasts until it is dark and nobody is able to eat or drink anything anymore.


Of course, in spring you start and finish earlier than during summer months because it still is really cold during the night. But what you can do as well is sit around the fire for a long time after finishing dinner and enjoy the good company of your friends and family.

We usually don’t have a barbecue with only a few people. Mostly, it is a bigger group of friends, family and / or neighbours who gather together for this great German tradition.


It does not matter where you have your barbecue. Sometimes, we have it on our terrace or balcony but you can also go to a lake, a nearby beach (if there is any around your house…) or any other natural place where you are allowed to have an open fire.

I had my first barbecue of 2012 last Friday with some friends. We just sat around an open fire for a while to enjoy its warmth and then started grilling the meat. We had it together with bread, sauces and salads and, of course beer and wine. It was a great night and I am happy that grilling season has started once again! One of many things that I love about spring and summer!!!!

Happy Barbecue Season Everyone!!!

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