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Just a casual Friday

Yesterday was casual Friday in our office and thus, everything was way more casual then usually. First of all you can wear whatever you want. There is no need for business cloths. And wearing jeans is definitely a great thing!

But the best part of the day definitely started after lunch break! We had another training session but suddenly, for whatever reason, we started talking about how great casual Fridays are and we were trying to come up with themes we could apply to them… from the “pyjama” theme, we ended up talking about who in the office might wear what by night… we also thought about having a blog about everything that happens in the office on a Friday! It was great fun and we were 5 girls (including our boss) talking about negligées and underwear until the only male colleague in the room was pleading “please stop that”… next thing he wrote down onto his To Do List was: “Find a Therapist”….

This Friday was not really productive but we had lots of fun and it was great to get to know my colleagues on a more private basis as well! The atmosphere was definitely great and I am soooo looking forward to next casual Friday in a week….

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