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Learning Languages

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I speak different languages on different levels: German is my mother language,

I speak English fluently, I can communicate in French and would say that I could survive in France and I am constantly improving on my Spanish which I would consider being advanced beginners level now.

When I was in Italy, I picked up some words of Italian and realised that knowing a bit of Spanish and French definitely helps learning Italian. There are so many similarities, especially between Spanish and Italian. Even though I had never studied Italian in my life, I was able to order food and understand the basics after 10 days of being in Italy and that makes me really proud of myself.

I think that the more languages you know, the easier it gets to learn different other languages with the same origin of the ones you already know. Of course, all my languages would not help me if I would start learning Chinese and even for Hungarian it did not help me at all but if there are some languages related to each other it helps so much!

I am glad that I had the chance to study so many different languages so far and I am happy that I took those opportunities. I am also sad that I did not use the opportunities that were provided in school. Except of my Spanish classes I never paid attention to anything in school and thus, I was as bad a student in languages as I was in all my other subjects.

But there is still time. Even though it is better to start learning a language as early as possible, I can still improve my languages and my final goal that I am trying to achieve in my life is to be fluent in German, English, French and Spanish.

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