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Leggings with Tiger Pattern? Really?

After living in the UK for around one and a half years, I kind of got used to the fact that many British people are confused about how to wear leggings. I have never seen that many people wearing leggings like pants since my childhood. In the late 80’s / early 90’s this might have been a trend (at least for kids) but in the 21st century? I am sorry, no! Leggings are just not pants, so please cover your ass!

I also own leggings and of course, I am wearing them because in certain occasions they are really handy. But I am only wearing them as a substitute for tights on days when it is really cold outside. Sometimes I wear tights underneath them which then is as warm as any other trousers. It is fine to wear them with short trousers or a skirt or a dress.

Nobody would come up with the idea to wear usual tights as a substitute for trousers! Why leggings then? The only difference between leggings and tights is that leggings are slightly thicker and just a bit less see through. But still, they present the whole truth about the shape of your body to everyone and most people I have seen wearing just leggings as trousers should not present certain parts of their body to the public that openly. That is just gross!

I thought I was used to everything! Even my boss is wearing leggings with a short T-shirt on casual Fridays but yesterday I was proven wrong! I do not know every kind of style. Before, I had just seen one coloured leggings (once in a while they had holes so that once I could even see the skin of somebody’s ass on an escalator – not nices…) but yesterday when walking down the platform in Victoria station, I saw a girl wearing leggings with tiger pattern! I asked myself if that is really necessary and I think it is not! Presenting her flabby legs and ass in these “trousers” was really nothing you want to see on the street!

So please, let this be a once in a lifetime thing! I don’t want this to become a trend!!!

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