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Let the Future begin…

Today is the very last day of University life. We have to hand in our final business project and from that moment on we’ll be free! Life as a student will be completely over then. We can go wherever we like and do whatever we like! Handing in this project is the very last duty we have to fulfill!

At the moment I am happy about that but I know for sure that after a while I will be missing student life. Being a student is a great time. Of course, we complained about the workload, about all the essays we had to write, all the presentations we had to give and all the studying we were expected to do. But on the other hand we had lots of free time and lots of holidays! When we start working we’ll have a certain number of holidays a year and that’s it! We’ll have responsibility not only for us and our work but also for the company we are working for. While studying, you are more or less just responsible for your own studies and not for somebody else’s. Nobody depends on whether you hand in an essay on time or whether you pass an exam except of yourself. In working life this will be different! Colleagues and bosses will depend on your work and this gives you more responsibility.

On the one hand, I am really looking forward to starting my work life but on the other hand I am scared as well! Will I be able to handle the responsibility and able to fulfill what is asked from me? Tomorrow I’ll be moving to my metropolis. I always wanted to live in London. Now it’s my turn to fulfill this dream…

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