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Little Stock of Sweets

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I am just recovering from an extremely exhausting weekend back home with a lot of friends, a lot of partying, too much alcohol and a massive lack of sleep! :-) But it was great fun and I am almost back on normal track today.

This weekend has not been helpful for my diet. I didn’t do any sports (except you consider drinking and dancing a sport…) and I had loads of calorie heavy meals and drinks. Yesterday, I started working out again and ran 4.5km (running really is not my type of sport but I am doing my very best). I am also looking forward to my mountain bike group tonight! Keep your fingers crossed for the weather to stay dry…

What really helps me to get through my day at the office is to have a stock of sweets in my drawer:

Stock of Sweets

It gives me security that if I need some sweets in an emergency (every woman knows that there can be sweet emergencies!!!), I can have them. I tried not having sweets in the office but that only made me think of it all the time until I ran to the next vending machine to get a lot of them. I know this does not work for everyone but it also makes me feel proud at the end of the day if I was able to resist the temptation! :-) Right before I leave the office, I allow myself one piece of sweets for the road and that is what helps me get through the day the most – my little reward on my way back home…

What is getting you through a day while dieting? Please share!

4 Kommentare

  1. I envy you. I can barely run for 15 mins on the treadmill, and you do 4.5 km. I have never tried dieting to be honest. I have my phases of going to the gym, but again, those are ‘phases.’ Never regular!


    • Thanks! I was much fitter last year! Trying to get into sports again but the beginning is soooo hard!!! And I don’t really like running. If my boyfriend would not have walked (thats how “fast” I am…) next to me I would have given up earlier as well… But I know from last year that it is possible to get used to the exercise… dieting is hard as well but I am doing it for my holiday! That is what I always tell myself (while I am imagining myself in a perfect shape in a beautiful bikini at the beach in Kos…) :-)


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