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London, Shopping and a New Job – High Five For Friday #5

Good morning folks!!! It is bright and sunny outside and I am a really happy girl these days!!! Last week was totally fabulous and I feel as things are getting better compared to the beginning of the year. The last few weeks I was struggling with some nasty things at work and really just wanted to leave. I felt sick most of the time and not really happy there. I made a decision to change my work life completely and focus much more on my freelance work that I have been doing since 2009 and getting a part time job for financial security. This plan worked out pretty well this week and I am happy to share my five highlights of the week with you today:

High Five For Friday

1) The week started with a trip to London – my second home! I have lived there for two years and my best friend still lives there so I am always happy to go back and see her and her lovely boyfriend again as we see each other way too rarely… On Saturday, we went up The Shard, the tallest building in Europe by now! The views from up there are spectacular and we had an amazing time:

High Five For Friday #5 - London View from the Shard

2) Before heading up to the Shard, we had lunch at a fantastic street market. Our friends took us to Maltby Street Market and we had the most delicious pulled-pork burger I have ever had:

High Five For Friday #5 - Maltby Street Market

3) On Sunday morning, we went out to Bea’s of Bloomsbury and had delicious cupcakes. I chose a chocolate cupcake with a topping of baileys buttercream – sooooo yummy!!! But after one of those you feel as if you are about to explode so I could not have another one…

High Five For Friday #5 - Bea's of Bloomsbury

4) We also went shopping in London as I desperately wanted to check out the new Victoria’s Secret store. The UK is the only country in Europe that has Victoria’s secret and there are only 5 stores in total. I have been shopping there in the US and Canada before and was always missing it here in Europe. The bras there are the absolute best I have ever tried on!!! I also miss American Eagle and am still waiting for them to open a store in Europe! I tell you, I would be their BEST customer!!! Another brand I love in the UK is Accessorize. They started opening stores in Germany as well but I found that it is much more expensive over here so I always go there when I’m in London. This time, I bought this beautiful necklace and bracelet:

High Five For Friday #5 - New Jewelry

5) For the rest of the week, I did not do many special things. I went to cheerleading practice again and got my car fixed but the only exciting thing that happened yesterday was that I got the new job that I was hoping for! It is a part-time marketing job and I am going to start in only two weeks time! I will be working there for four hours a day in the mornings and will have the afternoons off to focus on facing communication, my own business. There is still a lot to do on this project as there is yet a website to come and I am totally excited about this!! Of course, in the beginning, I will have less money than before but I am still happy about the situation and isn’t that the most important thing? By the way, for my job interview I was wearing my new jewelry and tried out this new essie nail polish color:

High Five For Friday #5 - Getting ready for my job interview

How was your week? Please share!

If you wanna participate in the High Five For Friday action, just head over to The Lauren Elizabeth blog for more information and to link your blog post! I look forward to your posts! Also link up with The Diary of a Real Housewife.

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    • Thanks so much! Yes, the british accent is AMAZING!!! No matter how harsh or rude words they use, only because of their accent it still sounds polite! :-) I loved that when I lived there for two years and still enjoy talking to my british friends!!!


    • Happy to meet you Angie, thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you are having a great weekend, too!!!


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