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Long Distance: Does it work?

Nowadays, people move around a lot. We are not staying in our home town for our whole life anymore. Of course, some might but the majority of people at leasts moves several times before they finally settle and most of the times that is not in their hometown.

It is really great that we are able to see the world this way but on the downside, our friendships and relationships might struggle because of that. Especially long distance relationships are not made for everyone. But what can you do if you meet someone and you want to be together but you are not able to live in the same place? This can mean everything between a few kilometers between towns or hundreds of kilometers within the same country, a few thousands on the same continent or many thousands if you do not even live on the same continent.

I have been in a long distance relationship for a very long time and I honestly believe in long distance. I agree that it is not made for everyone but if you truly love someone it is possible. This relationship did not end because of the distance but because of different attitudes towards life. Most of the time we’ve been together we lived on average 400km away from each other and it has never been a problem. Yes, you have to make compromises and you have to travel a lot but this can work if both partners want it to work!

Of course, the longer you stay together and the more serious the relationship gets, the more you want to be and live together. I do not think that the long distance situation should go on forever. It is just ok for a certain amount of time.

Even though I believe in the functioning of long distance relationships, this is definitely not my dream situation! I surely prefer to live in the same city as my partner but when is that possible in our lives now? We all don’t know where we will finally settle but we don’t want to abandon relationships. There are three ways out of this dilemma:

  1. You stay single until you know where you settle
  2. You do not move and stay where you are
  3. You find compromises and make it work so that both partners can realise their dreams

I would for sure go for the last option and try to make it work. After all, if you do not give it a try you will always ask yourself what would have happened if…

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