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Love is in the Air – High Five For Friday #7

Hello lovelies and Happy Valentine’s day to all of you! Love is totally in the air! When I am checking my Instagram and Twitter feed, I find heaps of pictures and posts about love and valentine’s day! My week has been amazing and I am totally in love! Let me share with you what I am in love with in today’s High Five For Friday – Love Edition:

High Five For Friday

1. In love with nail polish from essie

I colored my nails with this amazing red for a dinner out with my boyfriend. We love going out for dinner and do it quite a lot recently. There is just nothing better than some great food, a glass of wine and amazing company… (Read more about my essie nail polish addiction here).

High Five For Friday: In Love with essie nail polish

2. In love with baking

Ever since I bought my kitchenaid, I started baking a lot. Before I had the machine, it was really hard for me as I never got the dough right for anything but now, I manage to do it! Last Sunday, I made this yummy cherry cake and we had my boyfriend’s family over for coffee that afternoon! You can find all my recipes here and don’t forget to take part in my weekly Sunday Recipe Link Party.

High Five For Friday: In Love with Baking

3. In love with my future library/office

For our new home, we are making a lot of plans recently. One of these plans involved my new office/library space I am going to have. My boyfriend was so nice as to draw the plan for the room on his computer so that I can insert some furniture to see if it fits and I am really happy about it!!! I am also looking for inspiration on a reading chair I wanna have for this room.

High Five For Friday: In Love with my future library/office

4. In love with the ice

I am not a massive fan of winter and snow but what I really like is looking at the ice that seems to be everywhere in the mornings. It is so beautiful to see the structure of it and the way it is shaped sometimes. Yesterday, when I went to go grocery shopping for my dinner, I found my car covered in ice which looked like this:

High Five For Friday: In Love with Ice

5. In love with my boyfriend

Coming to my last and most important highlight of this week! Yesterday, my boyfriend and me had our two years anniversary. As it is the day right before Valentine’s day, we decided last year that each of us was going to cook a great dinner for the other on each of these days and skip presents for that. And isn’t giving each other time to spend together the best present of all of them anyhow? I was a really happy girl yesterday and am still so much in love with this guy, words can simply not describe how much…

High Five For Friday: In Love with my boyfriend

I am looking forward to his dinner tonight that he has planned for Valentine’s Day and wish you a great time today with your loved ones and a beautiful weekend, whatever your plans are…

What were your highlights of this past week? Please join the fun and take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week guys!

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