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Lunch Time Reading

Happy lunch time everybody!!! Today is another summer 2012 day! It is bright and sunny outside and the temperatures are high enough to wear a summer dress!!! I love this sort of weather because it makes me happy and it makes me look forward to our Greek holidays starting Saturday in a week! I am still behind on travel guide reading but there is just so much else to do!!!

Maybe I should take my travel guides with me to work so that I can read them during my lunch break! What I started doing recently is going to a café during my lunch break instead of going to our office canteen. First of all, it is so much nicer not to spend my lunch break with my colleagues because we would just talk about work anyhow and second of all, I am able to catch up on my reading! Finally, it helps me with my diet! Why? Simply because the food in our canteen is not the healthiest and avoiding it just supports my diet extremely!

Usually, I just go to a coffee place close to our office, have a coffee and depending on the weather, sit in the sun or inside. With my coffee I have time to read my books that are piling up at home! Excluding the way to and from the coffee place I have a full 45 minutes to enjoy my book and the coffee of course!

Lunch Time Reading

Another good thing about spending my lunch break this way is that I get my head off of work related topics and can relax! I have to be creative in my job and after a while my head just needs a break from all the creative ideas so that I can start with a fresh and relaxed brain afterwards! It really helps! Try it yourself!!!

What are you usually doing during your lunch breaks?

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