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Merry Christmas!!!

Right now, my boyfriend and me are at my parents house for Christmas. In Germany, the main part of Christmas is being celebrated in the evening of the 24th. That is also when we exchange our presents. Usually, Christmas is really stressful with my family as people tend to go crazy. My grandfather has these really weird opinions about the second world war and always thinks that Christmas is a great choice of time to discuss them with us…

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Most years, my relatives start screaming at each other at some point. The same thing happened yesterday but as my boyfriend was there this year, he distracted me from all this so that I felt more relaxed and happier. I am so grateful to have him here with me. One reason I wanted to go home for Christmas was to see all my friends again who usually live in different places of the world but always meet in our hometown for Christmas. Another reason for coming here was the fact that we are planning on hosting the Christmas dinner at our new house next year. Therefore, I will not be able to go home and see my friends.

I am also really thankful about the great gifts I received yesterday. All of them are sooo useful and totally my style:

Christmas 2013 - Kitchenaid mixer

Ever since I bought my Kitchenaid machine, I am totally in love with those products. Also, we recently ordered the kitchen for our new home! I will write a special post about that shortly but the red kitchen machines fit in perfectly and are really high quality products so hopefully last for a while…

I also received some red bowls which go perfectly with the Kitchenaid products!!!

Christmas 2013 - Serving spoon

This spoon is absolutely awesome! It is from a scandinavian brand and you can use it for serving all sorts of things. It lies in my hand perfectly as if it was only made for me!!! Love it!!!

Christmas 2013 - Taking better pictures

Last year, my boyfriend and me focused on the cooking and eating passions of ours. This year, it was all about photography! He also became interested in this topic a lot lately and therefore I gave him a Canon EOS M as a birthday and Christmas present this year. From him I received this great book about how to improve photography as well as this flash light for my camera:

Christmas 2013 - Canon Flash

I still have no idea how to use this properly but am desperate to learn it!!! I will let you know about the development of my photography skills…

How was/is Christmas at your place? Where are you celebrating and what did you receive from your loved ones? If I am not posting constantly on here, you can always find instant pictures from what’s happening in my life on my Instagram account. It is the account of my travel blog but I found it too hard to manage more than one Instagram account.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope you are having a great and relaxing time!!!

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