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My Morning Routine

Tea Time Blog - Morning Routine

Joanna from Another House Blog inspired me to this post when she posted her morning routine on Monday. I love having a routine and today, I am going to share mine with you:

I wake up at: 6.30 when Christian is about to leave for work.

The first thing I do when I wake up is: I am checking Instagram and other social networks! It is a great way to get up in the morning.

When I finally get out bed I: Prepare a steaming hot cup of tea and brush my teeth. Then I get breakfast ready and sit down in front of my computer. There, I like reading other blogs while enjoying my breakfast. Afterwards, I usually write one of my own blog posts and / or work on my pictures that I want to post. Then, I prepare social media postings for my two blogs and my work clients.

My favorite morning make-up is: I love using Cleanique products to wash my face and as a base for my make up. Then I normally apply some concealer (I am using MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer) underneath my eyes and use some powder (true bronze pressed powder by Clinique – 02 sun kissed). For my eyes, I like light shades of eyeshadow (Mauve Harmony by Alverde) and black mascara (Colossal Volum Express by Maybelline Jade). I finish this part with a hint of moisturizing lip color balm (chubby stick by clinique, 04 mega melon)

My favorite perfume right now is: Chance by Chanel.

What I usually wear at work is: We do not have to wear business attire at my office so it is rather casual and I am normally wearing whatever I would wear on any other normal day. I prefer business casual style most of the time. If there is a client or any other important person coming to our office, I like wearing a blazer as well to look a bit smarter… During summer, I love wearing light dresses as it can get really warm in our office. In terms of shoes it depends totally on my mood. Some days I feel more like heels and some days I don’t…

I like to have my hair: Freshly washed and straight if I have the time to wash my hair in the mornings. If I wash them the evening before, my hair usually gets massy over night and I prefer wearing it in a pony tail.

When I get to the kitchen I usually put together for breakfast: Mostly yoghurt with muesli and fresh fruits but sometimes I also like having a bread roll or a slice of bread. If I am lucky, there is cake left over from a weekend baking and then I would indulge that in the morning with my tea…

The time it takes me to get out the door usually is: 2 hours (yes, it is THAT long…)

Now I would like to find out what your morning routine looks like!!!

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    • I really look forward to your morning routine post!!! :-) It is so interesting to find out what others are doing! Maybe I can improve my Getting-Ready-System so that it gets more efficient… :-)


    • Yeah, it is so interesting to see what others are doing! I also loved your night routine! Maybe I share something like that as well in the near future so that we can compare again!


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