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Moving Day

Today is moving day! I am finally moving to London.

I went to London last weekend to find a place to stay and I managed to get hold of a room in a shared apartment. It is with two other girls in a really nice area in London close to a park and only 5-7 minutes away from work. The bus goes literally from in front of my door. A big supermarket is around the corner as well! So everything sounds perfect except of the size of the room for the price that is charged for it. It is ridiculously expensive but I guess I have to live with that if I want to live in a save and central place in London. And these two attributes were much more important to me than the size of my room.

In half an hour puppet and me are going to pick up the van I hired for today. Then we are going to take all my stuff to London. So far signing the contract and getting the keys has been postponed. It should have taken place yesterday evening but my new flatmate surprisingly had to go to a funeral and thus, we postponed the whole thing to today.

I feel excited but scared and a bit sick. I just want to know that everything will work out according to plan and that we do not arrive there with nobody opening the door for us… I mean, I know that I would have the possibility to go back to my old place for another month but then I would have to commute to London every day which would be expensive and annoying and time consuming. So, please keep all your fingers crossed so that it works out the way I planned it!

I’ll let you know later how everything went…

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