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My First Job Interview!!!!


A job interview next week!!!

And not just one for an internship or a trainee program but a real one! For a REAL job!!!

Today someone called me from a conference organising company I applied to and asked me lots of questions about myself and what I’ve done so far! In the end she invited me to a job interview for next Thursday! The woman was really really nice on the phone and the job would be kind of perfect! It is event management combined with marketing! I would love to do this job! A great thing about that company is that they are acting worldwide!!!! And what I really like about this job is that they provide a training for the position within the first three months and I would have opportunities for advancement within the company after a while…

I still can’t believe that they really called me and want to meet me! I am sooo happy right now! If I get the job I would start in September! That would be so perfect!

I really really want this job! Now I have a week to prepare myself for the interview! Studying the website, preparing for possible questions and figuring out the right outfit for the occasion! I definitely needed this to feel better!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

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