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My Perfect Christmas Dinner

How has everybody’s Christmas been? My Christmas at home has probably been the worst Christmas I’ve ever had. Having relatives screaming at each other and a grandfather who claims he wants to be dead or live in a state like the German Democratic Republic is not my ideal picture of a happy Christmas with my family…

Anyhow, I don’t want to annoy you with stupid stories about my family. Thank god, there was another Christmas celebration right before the actual Christmas with my boyfriend’s family. They came over on the Friday before Christmas as I had to leave on Saturday. I wanted it to be the perfect Christmas dinner and I am happy to say that I am really satisfied with the outcome!

For me, a perfect dinner needs to consist of different courses and definitely needs a theme. My theme for this year’s dinner was French Christmas. I did not manage to do a typical French dessert as I was too late for preparing Mousse au Chocolat but I found a perfect Christmassy winter dish that went well with the rest of the menu.

Christmas Dinner: Baked Apples Christmas Dinner: Baked Apples Christmas Dinner: Baked Apples

For the table, I created menus for all of my guests. That was easily designed with pages:

Christmas Dinner: Menu

One could also handwrite the whole piece of paper if one’s handwriting is nice. Mine isn’t that nice so I decided to go with a sort of “handwriting” font.

I also made Quiche Lorraine for my guests as a starter. If you feel like you wanna try this dish, check out my recipe.

Christmas Dinner: Quiche Lorraine

In terms of table decoration I tried to stick to the colour scheme and design of our other Christmas decoration. See this old post if you cannot remember. I bought little felt stars and other shapes such as gloves and boots as well as little decorative stones and tiny ornaments:

Christmas Dinner Christmas Dinner Decoration Christmas Dinner Decoration Christmas Dinner Decoration Christmas Dinner Decoration Christmas Dinner Decoration

I covered the whole table with fir springs of different sorts and placed the ornaments and decorative elements on top.

The Christmas dinner itself was lovely! Such a great time with the family and loads of laughter and fun! I truly enjoyed the calm and relaxed atmosphere as I normally don’t have this sort of peace during Christmas.

What did you do for Christmas? How did your table decoration and Christmas menu looked like? Please share as I need inspiration for next year’s Christmas.

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3 Kommentare

  1. I spent Christmas with my family somewhere in Greek countryside with crazy amounts of food, sweets and alcohol, as usual. No formal dinner this year. I love how you pulled it off though. Your printed menus are perfect for the occasion and the apples seem so delicious!! Yum!


    • Thanks a lot! The apples were amazing! I might post the recipe the beginning of next year as it is a great dish to serve in winter time when it is cold outside!!


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