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New Home, New Office, New Schedule

You know that I was busy getting our new home ready and moving all our stuff from the old apartment to the house these past weeks. Now that we moved in and that we see the light at the end of the tunnel, I have decided to order my life a bit better.

New Office

Before, I was always busy and never really offline. Now, with my very own office, I have decided to give my life a bit more structure!

There is not going to be that much change over here on Tea Time Blog in terms of topics but I am going to be more efficient and structured in terms of planning and the time I am going to spend online. Only having one hour of proper internet per day due to the fact that we did not have internet at home made me think: I had to be more organized with my work and guess what, it worked out fine!

As I said, the topics here on Tea Time Blog remain the same but I am going to give them a bit of a new structure. Here is what you can expect in the future:

MONDAYS: Random Topics (I do not want to stay a bit flexible…)

TUESDAYS: Starting as soon as I have my new kitchen – Tuesday Recipe Link-Up (I am taking weekends off now and thus had to move the recipe link up)

WEDNESDAYS: Post about photography / new home / work

THURSDAYS: Thursday Thoughts Post

FRIDAYS: High Five For Friday Post

WEEKENDS: I am going to take the weekends off completely to focus on other stuff such as my fiancé, Spanish studies, reading, traveling etc… I will still be posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on these days so make sure to follow me there.

This plan might not be set in stone and I might post something else once in a while as other things come up but it gives me a structure to follow. I am going to start implementing step by step and hope that it is going to work out as great as I think it is…

Also, please check out my travel blog to read more about all the great adventures Christian and me are embarking on!

Does anyone have any productivity / efficiency tips for me to implement so that I get even more structured?

I wish you all a fantastic start into the new week!!!

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