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New Year’s Resolutions

Hello lovelies!!! I hope everybody’s New Year’s Eve has been a blast! We had a brilliant time with our friends and celebrated until early in the morning.


Unfortunately, I developed an upset stomache as soon as we got home. This resulted in me being sick all night. What a terrible start into the new year… On the upside, the actual start at midnight was lovely and I was so happy about having all my friends around me!!!

Even though I do not really belive in this tradition, I am still doing it every year: Writing down my New Year’s Resolutions:


I hope that it will make my year a bit healthier than the last one. Also really important to me is finishing my Spanish studies so that I can start with another course which I will need for starting my own business, a plan that I have for a year now!

This year will be stressful and one of hard work as we are going to move into our own house this summer. I am extremely excited about this year and hope that it will all turn out as we planned it. My motto that will hopefully keep me going this year is:

New Year 2014

What about you? Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? I am curious to learn more about you!!!

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6 Kommentare

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