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No hago la siesta

I am in Spain at the moment and it is not a secret that the daily life in Spain is different than the daily life in Germany or the UK. For instance people eat at completely differnt times. In the UK or in Germany, I am used to have lunch at around 1 whereas here people have their lunch at 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

Also, people tend to rest after lunch for a few hours. After that, life mainly takes place in the streets. People are outside talking to each other, having drinks or eating something. I am not used to resting after lunch. It is actually horrible for my body! After lunch I want to go for a walk. If I fall asleep during the day and wake up after a short while, I always feel sick and this stays like this until I go to sleep in the night. I just can’t do it!

Being in Spain not being able to sleep or rest in the early afternoon is actually quite practical! Since all major stores stay open all day and do not close for lunch break in bigger cities, it is the best time to go shopping ever! You do not have to queue for anyhting. There is always a free changing room and the shops are not crowded at all! I really enjoy shopping at that time!

Once the stores get more crowded, I can actually go for a coffee or so something else. It is also great to walk around in the empty streets!!! I really like that! I wish more people in Germany and the UK would do it! There, it is always busy from early in the morning until late afternoon and when it is not crowded anymore, there is nothing to do anymore anyway.

The only thing I just can’t get used to is the late lunch! Having to wait until 2.30 makes me feel horrible! I am starving at 1 already! Lately, I just bought myself something for that time but that actually let to the fact that I am not that hungry anymore at lunch time! In Spain, the lunch is the major meal and they seem to eat a lot! My body is not used to a lot of food at the same time. i usually eat something 5 times a day and my portions are rarely small. Only when there is a barbeque or some other special food I can eat more!!!

I guess it is just a matter of what your body is used to and how you grew up. It is just hard to adapt to a complete different life style when your body is not used to it…

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