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Of King Prawns and Other Foods

Good evening everybody!!! How was your weekend? Mine has been fantastic! Yesterday, my parents came along for one night on their way back home from Italy and we went out for dinner. Good thing was that they brought us wine addicts 12 bottles of Italian wine!!! PERFECT!!!

Today, we had friends over for dinner! I just love cooking and cooking for 4-5 people is exactly the right amount! I had so much fun preparing the food and decorating the table! I know it sounds totally “grown up” but even though I love going out on a Friday or Saturday night, I also enjoy a calm night in with friends on a Sunday night to finish up a great weekend!!!

Also, my goal always is to have the food presented in a nice way on the plates! I am also enjoying taking pictures of the food preparation:

Fresh Salad Rosemary Potatoes Cucumbers

There is nothing better than fresh salad (these cucumbers and the salad are freshly harvested from the garden of my boyfriend’s parents! They taste soooo much better than the vegetables you can buy in a supermarket! Abd you have the guarantee that they did not use any growth pesticides…

Tonight we had a salad with king prawns as a starter and salmon and roast rosmarin potatoes as the main dish! It was a great nice and light dish! Perfect for a Sunday night!


As a pre starter, my boyfriend offered some antipasti decorated nicely in glass bowls on a white plate. I love that he has some sort of sense for style!!! :-)

What did you have for dinner tonight???

Now I am off for a little bit of relaxation to be fresh and active for the new week tomorrow!!! Have a good night!!!

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