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One Day at Audi in Neckarsulm

Last summer, my boyfriend bought a new Audi A3 and we had the pleasure to pick it up from Audi in Neckarsulm. We had a fabulous day there including a yummy breakfast, a three course lunch menu and a factory tour.

One Day at Audi One Day at Audi

While we were waiting for our guided factory tour to begin, we walked around the little Audi museum and checked out some really interesting vehicles and had loads of fun in the adult playground:

One Day at Audi One Day at Audi One Day at Audi One Day at Audi One Day at Audi One Day at Audi One Day at Audi One Day at Audi

The last one is me testing an Audi car in the simulator. I can tell you, this is really fun!!!

While I would not be THAT interested in driving any of the cars from above, there were still two cars that I would love to have sitting in my garage to take on a tour:

One Day at Audi One Day at Audi

Aren’t those extremely pretty??? I absolutely love them!!! I have never been a BMW or Mercedes kind of girl! My most favorite cars are totally VW and Audi. I am driving a VW New Beetle at the moment and I am really happy with the car and the service of the VW team!

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures during the factory tour but that one was awesome as well. I wasn’t sure beforehand if I would like it as I was afraid that it would be too technical for me but they managed to make it very interesting even for a person less interested in the technical details of cars. It was very fascinating to see the different steps of production until you get the brand new car delivered to your door.

Have you ever picked up your car straight from the factory? Did you do a tour as well? How did you like it?

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    • VWs are great cars! I like Audi as well but it is a bit too expensive and the New Beetle is totally my dream car! I wanna get a convertible in a great color one day to drive around in the sun!!! :-)


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