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Orange UK sucks!!!

Last summer I got a mobile contract with Orange UK. After I had a prepaid card with O2 for a year, I did not think that there were SO many differences between the networks. After a short while I realised that the internet on my phone was not at all comparable. 3G? That is a rarity! I moved to London shortly after that and at least the reception within London was slightly better.

The next problem I encountered with Orange was that my mobile phone was, unfortunately not working outside the UK. After my first trip to Germany, I called Orange and they set me up for international roaming. The next time I traveled to Germany, my phone worked… for 3 days… and then it stopped again! “No service” was all I could see for the remaining 10 days of my journey… slightly disappointing!

In March, we moved house then and needed to get a new broadband contract to have access to the internet in our new flat. We compared prices and talked to different people in different phone shops. In the end we went for a contract with Orange because it was slightly cheaper because I already had a mobile contract with them. During the set up of the contract, we were also offered 2 dongles for me and my flatmate for the time we were waiting for our internet at home to start working. The dongles were supposed to cost 5 Pound each per month and we asked several times if those would be the only costs we would have for unlimited internet. We were told that that is correct – but it wasn’t!

After about a month, I received the first invoice for the dongles (we still did not have an internet connection at home even though we were assured that it would not take that long…) and realised with shock that we were charged 47 Pound per dongle!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I went straight back to the shop but that was closed until further notice due to a power cut. Thus, I called up the hotline who told me they could not help me and that I would have to go to the shop… My last try then was to send an email to the customer service. I received an automated message that my request was being worked on but that is all I ever heard from them (another month has passed since then).

In the meantime a technician was supposed to come to our house to set up the internet for us on a Monday morning between 8.00 and 13.00. My flatmate stayed home the whole morning but nobody showed up. When she left the house around 14.00 she found a note in front of our door saying “Sorry, we could not reach you”. Not only has she been waiting at home a whole morning, but we also needed to get a new appointment and of course, according to Orange customer service it was our fault…

The next available appointment was 3 weeks later which I found absolutely ridiculous considering that we have been waiting for a whole month already. After complaining and becoming angry on the phone there was suddenly another possibility: Suddenly, a technician was able to come the next Saturday. For sure, we had to pay extra for this because “it was our fault”…

The guy showed up this time and he set up everything for us to work. We were told that from this day on, our internet was supposed to work in 7-10 working days. I went on holidays during that time, fully expecting to be connected to the internet when I came back – an illusion! Of course, when I came back, 12 working days had already passed and the internet was still not running. We rang Orange again last Wednesday night and we were told that they have been trying to reach me on Monday (when I was outside the country and couldn’t take the call because all I could see was “no service”). I still don’t get why they did not left a voicemail…

The guy on the phone on Wednesday night told us that someone would call me the next day to explain what was wrong with our internet – a call I was waiting for with great disappointment because it never came. On Thursday night, I was convinced that I did not want to go on with the contract anymore and decided to go to the shop to quit it after work. When I came to the shop, a “lovely” Orange person just closed and locked the door just in front of me.

Friday morning, my flatmate rang Orange again and was told that we would have internet within the next 24 hours and surprise, surprise, we really had internet yesterday morning! We were really happy but that was just until we realised that the fantastic broadband connection Orange is offering is comparable to the great mobile internet – in a word: it sucks! I’ve tried to talk to people on skype which is impossible because I am being kicked out of the internet every few minutes which means that skype goes offline every few minutes which makes it impossible to talk to someone else… this really pisses me off. I live in a foreign country and I use skype a lot to communicate with all my friends who live in different other countries. Is it too much to ask for if I just want to have a stable internet connection?

I have already experienced a lot of shit with telephone companies in Germany but is by far the worst customer service and technical service I have received in my whole life. If there would be any possibility to get out of my contracts, I would quit all of them today!!!!

Not having internet sounds not too horrible for other people but I have to say that I am using the internet not only for personal reasons but I use it a lot for my second job! How else am I supposed to do social media marketing??? I had to go to Starbucks every time to do my work which was really time consuming as well as expensive because you cannot just go to Starbucks to use the internet and not drink or eat anything!!! Thanks to Starbucks for offering free WiFi by the way!!

If you live in the UK and you are ever thinking of getting a new broadband contract, do me and yourself a favour and do not chose Orange because I guarantee you that you will be disappointed!!!

I have been starting to complain through twitter and found many other people with the same problems. I also wanted to post something on Orange’s Facebook wall but they have enabled this possibility. They are probably scared of too many complaints they would have to deal with!!!

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