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Photo Shoot in Central Park

Yesterday, I was walking around in Central Park to relax a bit and to get away from the noisy and busy streets of Manhattan. Equipped with my camera, I was stralling around and just tried to pay attention to interesting people. As you know, I love taking pictures but I was never good in taking them of people. Capturing the right moment and without people noticing is really hard. People are not like buildings or landscapes: they move and their facial expression changes every second wich makes it hard to find the right moment.

Unfortunately, not all people present themselves like this model here in the Grand Central Station:

Model in Grant Central Station, New York

Having said that, I decided to train myself and pay more attention to these kind of details to become better in taking photos of people. Central Park is one of the best locations to do this because you meet a million of different people and they are all doing interesting things.

Central Park, New York

I am soooo proud of this picture because it has a nice mixture of colours and the girl looks really pretty and she has this wonderful pose for her boyfriend wo is taking a picture of her. I am so glad that I was able to caputre this moment.

A few meters away, I found another interesting couple. Unfortuntely, the quality of my picture is not as good as the first one but I still like it:

Central Park, New York

After walking around a bit more I found myself faced with another even harder challenge: taking a picture of little kids trying to catch a big moving bubble. This was extremely hard because the kids were running around a lot, there were three of them and on top of that there was this moving bubble which eventually would explode:

Central Park, New York

It is still difficult for me to take these kind of pictures but I am sure that I will get better with a bit more training! And my plan is it to go back to Central Park again and train a bit more because those people there are fascinating me and I’d love to capture some more wonderful moments. These kind of pictures say so much more than a picture of a nice building or a beautiful landscape will ever do since they tell a little story! They tell a story of a person and leaves room for our own imagination to think of what their life is like.

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