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Positive Developments

I haven’t written in a few days. That is because I was busy forming my life to become more positive!

First of all, I have a volunteer job in the local bookstore now and Monday morning was my first shift! It was great! Being around and working with books all the time was a lot of fun and the people working in the store are really really nice! Even though they were all quite old, the atmosphere was really good! They are still totally fit and know so many things they can tell me about! It was always interesting to listen to them! Tomorrow will be my second day of work there and I am really looking forward to it!

Second of all, I have my very first job interview tomorrow. After sending out around 100 applications, this is very much needed and I really want to get that job! It is exactly what I want to do and what I am interested in. It involves Marketing, Event Management, International Work, Social Media, London, Creative Work Environment etc… Please keep your fingers crossed that I will get the job!

Additionally, I was making a lot of progress in my private life! I went running already twice this week. Always in the morning to wake me up which was great considering that the weather was fantastic as well! Then I took part in a focus group about fashion and there will be two more focus groups on Friday I am going to take part in as well! Moreover, I went to do a Salsa Course yesterday evening which was great fun! The people there were really nice and it was just a lovely atmosphere. I started in the beginners level to learn the basic steps but with regard to my dancing experience (I danced 4 years in a dance school before) I might be able to do a higher level next week.

Today in the evening I went to do aqua aerobics. I love everything that has to do with water and it was really funny, entertaining and effective at the same time! I’ll do that again next week as well!

That is my week so far! As you can see, I was busy but I feel much better compared to almost 4 weeks ago! Oh, and I should not forget to mention that after sending out a really mean email to Number27 last Friday, he finally managed to send back my stuff and at least he wrote a letter in which he was apologizing for how he ended things between us. He told me that he hopes that we can be friends at some point in the future. So far, I am not sure about that! At the moment I definitely don’t want to be friends with him! I am way to hurt for that! I don’t want to have any contact right now. Perhaps in a few weeks/months time, I might see that differently but I will wait and see how my feelings develop. At the moment I am just glad that I have my stuff back and that I can now forget about him!

I was feeling horrible the last 3 weeks and I guess I just needed to be on my own even though that meant lying in my bed crying about everything, getting drunk, not being social, feeling miserable etc… but time heals these kind of emotional wounds and now it is the time to forget about the past, to look into the future and to move on! I already approach my new future. New activities, a job interview etc… I’m feeling soooo much better now!

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