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Project Runway

Good Morning!!!!! I hope you all had a great Saturday night! Our evening has been great! Loads of lovely people at the street festival, good music and a fairly warm night! Slowly, I am getting to know more and more people and am becoming a part of the local community.

Apart from the great evening yesterday, I also received my shoe order. I am still waiting for my summer dressses from H&M that I ordered last weekend but at least the shoes have arrived. How do you like my new foot accessoire? :-)

High Heels

I can’t wait for my summer dresses to arrive so that I can wear them together with the sandals! :-) These shoes will also hopefully help me to learn walking on herls as this is still one of my projects! With these shoes, I also ordered some other heels but when they arrived, I figured that they are still a bit too high for me! I am not yet ready for this extreme! First goal is to walk in an acceptable way on heels in general before I try walking on high high heels!

Today, we are planning another bike tour. I am still at 2 out of 3 times sport this week and the week is almost over! The weather is ok as well and we have not much else planned for the rest of the day!

What are your plans?

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