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A Relaxing Week – High Five For Friday #36

High Five For Friday at Tea Time Blog

This week has been all about relaxing and enjoying life! Let me wrap up my most favorite moments of this week for you:

1. Our #NewHome is really livable now!

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Hall of New Home

When I came home from the trade show on Friday, Christian had finished the floor in our hall upstairs! This makes it so much more homey and I can’t wait for everything to be ready! This last weekend was the absolut first one ever since we moved in that I felt like home here and can see how it is all coming to a finish! It will take a few more weeks or months until we will be done for good and then, I am going to give you the grand tour! Maybe, if you really ask me kindly, I am going to do a home video just for you!!!

2. Relaxing Times

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Relaxing

After working all of Friday and Saturday, I did nothing but read, cook, watch TV and relax all Sunday! We stayed in bed until 10.30am which we haven’t done in AGES!!! This day was amazing and soooo good for me!!! If you wonder, how I am keeping myself relaxed and how you can do so, too, read my Thursday Thoughts Post from yesterday.

3. Another step towards my own business

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Own Business

After deciding to take dreams into action last week, I started reading this great book about how to start your own business with just investing $100. It is a great read so far and I am very proud to say that I spend one afternoon this week on my business website and I am VERY happy about the outcome. Check it out if you like but I am afraid, it is only available in German so far (I am planning on an English version too but first things first…)

4. Best Friends – The Gin & Tonic and Me

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Gin & Tonic

Tuesday night was time to relax and to celebrate! Celebrate what? Well, first of all, we had visitors over who came from my hometown for a quick visit and I cannot tell you how happy it makes me having my friends from back home around and especially having them as guests in my house!!! Also, I took Wednesday off from work as a substitute for the free Saturday I missed due to the trade show. Being able to sleep in in the middle of the week was a fantastic outlook and I certainly had to celebrate this in style, didn’t I?

5.Fall is approaching

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Fall

In the spirit of trying to like fall a bit better, I am going to take more pictures of it in the following weeks! Yellow leaves are the first sign of fall approaching shortly. I am also thinking of going back to My Tree Project to take some nice pictures of the tree during fall. It has been in the same state for almost all summer which made it a bit boring but now, I guess it is going to change a lot so I am definitely going back there!

Weekend Preview:

This weekend, we have my parents over who are the first guests to sleep in our recently finished guest room (which does not have a door yet but who cares, right???) We are going to do some more work on the house and spend Sunday relaxing most of the time I guess. I hope that the weather is somewhat late-summer-like so that we can get out and do something active and explore the region we are living in a bit further.

As my parents are here, we are most likely also going to enjoy some great food at the yummy restaurants around town! Follow me on Instagram for instant moments of my weekend!

Your Turn: How was your week?

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to all of you!!!

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  1. Staying late in bed in the best! You know what I really like to do? Get up, eat breakfast (preferably pancakes) and going back to bed! Perfect Sunday morning to me! I’m curious to see what you business is about, I might hop on that German site! Oh and I’m asking you kindly to do a home video! ;) Happy Friday!


  2. Gin & Tonic is amazing. It is one of my favorite treats. :) Also, I am so excited for fall to get here, but it feels like it is going to take forever because it is 100 degrees here today. :(


  3. Stopping by from Lauren’s link up. Starting your own business is so empowering yet can be quite scary. I remember starting mine and I was a ball of anxiety. Now that it’s had time to grow, I am so happy with the choices I made and love what I do. Good luck and enjoy your weekend!


    • Thanks so much for stopping by Sarah! Also for your kind words! It’s great to hear that others have been going through the same things as I am right now! Also good to know that it gets better after time! Have a lovely weekend, too!!!


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