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RIP Canon 1000D

Saturday was the official day of death for my beloved SLR camera. I was keeping my hopes up until the very last minute before it was confirmed.

But lets start from the beginning: During my Australian backpacking adventure, my Canon 1000D suddenly stoped working from one snap to another. I was taking a picture of the twelve apostels at the Great Ocean Road and the next minute I wanted to take another but it just wouldn‘t work anymore. I was able to focus but no matter how hard I pushed the trigger, the camera just did not take any more pictures. This is the last picture she took:

Twelve Apostel, Great Ocean Road, Australia

After that I tried everything to fix her: I reloaded the battery, exchanged the SD card and turned it on and off again several times. Nothing helped. Unfortunately, I was never really at the same place for a longer period of time. Therefore, I was not able to bring it to a specialist. On Saturday then, I finally decided to take my SLR to a specialist. He looked at it, tried it and told me straight away that it was over. There is something wrong with the shutter (I think that is the word in English…) and fixing it would cost me as much as a new camera which would give me 2 full new years of warranty.

What now?

I think I have to burry the dream of my old Canon to be repaired and focus on a new one. I can at least keep the lens which is working absolutely fine. Since this doesn‘t give me the option to choose between Canon and Nikon, I was looking into currently available Canon cameras. I am still not sure if I should go for the successor of my camera which would be the Canon 1100D or if I should upgrade and get the Canon 600D. According to various tests I get the impression that the 600D is much better and so much more worse the additional 200€ that it costs more than the 1100D. Is there anyone out there who might help me making a decision?

Keeping in mind that I will have to buy new furniture soon and rent a new apartment, I am not even sure yet if I should spend money on a camera right now. So far, I am using my old Panasonic Lumix compact camera which takes good pictures but is nothing compared to a proper SLR camera. Help please!!!!

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