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Satisfying my Starbucks Addiction

Sooooo sorry for being absent for such a long time but I had some serious travel to do and I am still doing it! Right now, I am in a tiny place called Altoona which is just a stopover on our way down to Washington D.C.! In a few hours we will be reaching the capital of the United States and I am really excited about it!!!

Until now, our road trip has been awesome! I don’t know if you guys are following my updates on Twitter or Instagram but if not, you should do so to see what I am experiencing right now! I am always using the hash tag #USEastCoastTrip for all my updates! Such a great trip and sooooo much to see!!!!

What I also do on a regular basis is stopping at my most favorite and extremely missed Starbucks!!! Since I left London, there were only a few occasions when I was able to go and enjoy this great coffee but here in the US, you can find a Starbucks EVERYWHERE! They even have a Drive Thru!!! How great is that??? Ideal for a road trip!!!

Starbucks Addiction

But what is it that I love about Starbucks coffee? I know, those of you from Europe and especially those who are from the southern regions of Europe will now say that this is not really coffee! Coffee in your regions is much stronger and has much more coffee flavor! I know all of that but actually that does not mean that it is the better coffee for everyone!

For me, Starbucks coffee is perfect because it is NOT that strong! My stomach just can’t cope with the strength of many coffees and thus, I do not enjoy them as much! I never drink coffee without milk! My most preferred coffee is cappuccino which is not strong at all but I love it! It lets me enjoy the taste of coffee without messing up my whole system! Yes, strong coffee not only makes my stomach scream, it also makes me hyperactive, which, if you would have seen me that way, you would not want to experience again!!!

Starbucks Addiction

I also love the atmosphere at Starbucks! The colors are perfectly chosen, there are comfortable chairs and the music is all coffee like! I really enjoy my stays there but I also like just taking a coffee to go and enjoy it outside as I did in Boston. We were just enjoying the awesome weather outside at the harbor:

Starbucks Addiction

I am already sad that we have to leave the US on Friday because I won’t be able to go to a Starbucks as often as I like anymore but I am making the best of the remaining time I have! Do you have a favorite coffee place that you do not want to live without? Please share!

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