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Some Rules can destroy all the fun!!!

I am a member of another book club in London that is all about books, girls and cocktails! I really liked the idea when I became a member of this club on Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the meetings so far. They were always scheduled for times that did not match my timetable! Once, I really wanted to go but then I was ill and couldn’t.

Today, I received an email from the organiser of the club telling us about the new rules she has set up for the group. Here is the “catalogue” of rules I received:

  • I’ll remove all ‘inactive’ members from the group (i.e members that don’t attend ‘any’ meetups in the span of 2 months)
  • Please ‘AVOID’ changing your RSVP from Yes to No, less than 48 hours before the event. Repeatedly, doing so will get you kicked out the group.
  • RSVPing Yes and changing it to No less than 24 hours before the event TWICE ‘will’ also get you kicked out!
  • RSVPing Yes and not showing up, is just rude! :(
  • I will start charging a commitment fee ‘soon’!
  • Do me a favour, at least TRY to finish the book before the book clubs (I’m guilty of it too!!!!)
  • Also, I understand that we all have very busy schedules – but please attempt to arrive on time and keep me informed if you’re running late.

I am really sorry, but I thought that this group was supposed to be fun! With my other book club, it is not like that! You can come to every meeting but if you cannot make it or if you cancel last minute because you have something else to do or you have to stay longer at work, that is not a problem at all! I have to follow rules everywhere. I do not need this in my private life! I am sorry but under these circumstances I do not want to be a member of this group anymore because this email just destroyed all the fun and ruined everything I was looking forward to!!!

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