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Spain and what I love about it

Everyone knows that I am in love! I am in love with a country! I am in love with Spain! My first holidays when I was just a few months old have been to spain and I would not be surprised if I was made in Spain as well! :-)

In my childhood we spend all our holidays in Spain and when I grew older, I desperately wanted to learn more about the country, the culture, the Spaniards and the language! I am sure that I was born in the wrong country! I have never felt more at home than in Spain!

Here is all that I love about Spain and why my dream is to once live over there:

The Spanish Language

For me, Spanish is the most beautiful language in the world. The sound of the rolling r (I am still trying hard to learn it) and the sound in general are just amazing! For me, Spanish is what French is for most other people. Even though I love French as well, I cannot listen to French all the time because after a while I get annoyed of it. In school the only subject that I was really good in was Spanish and I wanted nothing more than go on studying this beautiful language. Unfortunately, my apprentice ship school did not offer Spanish and when I started at the University, the Spanish classes were overcrowded so that I couldn’t get in… Now after 8 years of break, I finally started to go on and I am soooo looking forward to these 2 hours every week!

Spanish Food

For me, there is no better food on the whole world! Even though I love all kinds of food from all regions of the world, I would always pick Spanish if I would just be allowed to choose one. I am soooo glad that R showed me some basic things like the Tortilla Española! I usually have at least one per week because it is just delicious!!! The same applies for Pan con Tomate! It is such a basic recipe but I could die for it! What I really like about the food are the typical ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, the spanish meat, jamón, olive oil…etc…! Those have always been my most favourite ingredients!!! I could go on forever about spanish food! I am already getting hungry just because I am writing about it…

Spanish Architecture

I love how the Spaniards build their houses. Everything looks so inviting and warm! The colours are mainly orange, red and yellow – sand colours and thus, it directly looks friendlier in Spanish cities than in grey cities in our parts of Europe. I love the typical tiles on which the street names are written, I love the blinds of the windows, I love the wooden floors…

The Nature

The nature in Spain is completely different from Northern parts of Europe! The plants are other ones, especially in the South of Spain. There are palm trees and pines everywhere and since I am a person that loves good smells, I can just say that the smell of a pine tree is absolutely great!!! Together with the nicely looking houses, the landscape is really beautiful!!!

Spanish Music

The first Spanish CD I bought was from David Bisbal.  I listened to him the first time when I was on a road trip on Mallorca. They were playing one of his songs on the radio and after that I directly went to “El Corte Inglés”  to listen to the rest of his music and then I bought 2 CDs because I really liked all his songs. Then, during my Spanish class in school, I was introduced to a band called Amaral. We were discussing one of their songs which was about New Year’s Eve. It is a really beautiful song! It’s called Un año más. I started listening to more music and in the end bought 2 albums. I think I love spanish music so much because I like the sound of Spanish!!!

There are probably a million more things that make Spain my most favourite country in the world but those are the most important ones for me. My goal is it to once be able to speak the language fluently so that I can actually move to Spain and live there to fully get to know everything I don’t know about Spain yet!

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