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Spanish and other Happenings

Hello everybody!!! How was your weekend? Sorry for being absent for so long but we had a friend over for the weekend and loads of things to do! On Saturday, we went to Ravensburg (yes, it’s the place where all the great board games and jigsaw puzzles come from…) Ravensburg is only a 30 minute drive from where we live and is a beautiful city totally worth visiting. We had awesome weather there on Saturday and way too much amazing food (I was on a diet break this weekend!) Here is just an impression of how Ravensburg looks like:

Ravensburg, Germany

But what I really wanted to talk about today is languages! I mentioned before that I love learning foreign languages so that I am able to communicate with many different people during my travels. Unfortunately, I am loosing my language skills because I am not using them constantly. After my language holiday to Salamanca a year ago, I hardly ever spoke Spanish (shame on me) and I feel as if I have to start from the beginning AGAIN… I really really have to find a way of using and practising my Spanish regularly! With English this is easy: I can watch movies or TV Shows, I can read books, communicate with my non-German friends and write my blog in English! But with Spanish this is not that easy since my knowledge is not that great that I could actually follow a movie in Spanish or read a complete book… Also, most of the movies and TV shows I watch are filmed in English and why would I want to watch a translated version which is never as good as the original?

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to attend a language class after work because of my long drive home. Therefore, I was thinking about alternative solutions and I came across Rosetta Stone once again…

Rosetta Stone

I am still not sure if I should really try it. It would give me the flexibility to study whenever my schedule allows me some time and I could do it from wherever I have an internet connection. But what I was not able to figure out is if they are actually testing my language skills before I start. I definitely do not want to start from the beginning since I have a basic knowledge and just want to build up on this!

Has anyone of you ever tried Rosetta Stone or knows another programme or tool through which I can improve my Spanish in a flexible, regular and effective way? Let me know!

4 Kommentare

  1. I feel the same way about French. Although I can read books and blogs in French and watch movies, I just can’t find anyone to practice my oral and writing skills. In your case, I bet you can find some good Spanish movies with English subtitles if you want. :)


  2. Hey nice pic :) I have found really useful when trying to learn Spanish, you have several different levels of learning and you can chat with other real people in a sort of language exchange. Love it:)


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