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Sunday Recipe: Homemade Pasta

Hello and welcome to another Sunday Recipe Link-Up! Today, I am going to show you how easy it is to make homemade pasta. For my birthday, I got the pasta add on for my beloved KitchenAid. Reason enough for me to make pasta instantly:

Homemade Pasta

Sunday Recipe: Homemade Pasta


  • Durum wheat semolina (amount depends on how much pasta you wanna make)
  • Water
  • Flour

Sunday Recipe: Homemade Pasta


  1. Put the durum wheat semolina into a bowl and add some water.
  2. Start working the dough and add a little bit of water once in a while until you get a solid dough. (Alternatively, let your kitchen machine do the work for you…)
  3. Wrap the dough with cling film and leave it for around 15 minutes.
  4. Grab a bit from the dough and roll it out on the kitchen cupboard.
  5. Take the rolled out dough and use a pasta machine (KitchenAid add-on or a usual pasta machine) to thin down the dough, using level 1 of the machine.
  6. Repeat this process for the upcoming levels until thin enough to cut it.
  7. Use a different part of the machine to make Tagliatelle or Spaghetti.
  8. Place the finished pasta on a tray and sprinkle some flour on them.
  9. Finally, leave them for a few days until they are really dry.

Sunday Recipe: Homemade Pasta


Sunday Recipe: Homemade Pasta


Sunday Recipe: Homemade Pasta

Just a useful hint: The pasta doesn’t take long to cook – 2 to 3 minutes are perfectly fine! Serve them with your most favorite pasta sauce and I promise you will taste the difference between homemade and purchased pasta immediately.

Your Turn:

Share your most favorite recipe of the week with fellow chefs and bakers in my Sunday Recipe Link-Up. I look forward to all your recipes! Don’t forget to stop by other bloggers who are sharing their recipes! Have a lovely Sunday everybody!!! When you share your recipe, please use the Hashtag #TTSR

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  1. I’ve never made pasta, but you make it look easy. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded! I linked up my Lemon Poppy Scones. Thanks for hosting!



    • Thanks a lot! It really isn’t difficult at all to make pasta! Just a bit time consuming but it’s totally worth it!!! It tastes delicious!!! Thanks for sharing your recipe as well! Have a great Friday!!!


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