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Sunday Recipe: Homemade Ravioli

Last weekend, I decided to work on my pasta making skills and tried something new: Homemade ravioli. Today, I’d like to share the recipe with you as part of my Sunday Recipe Link-Up:

Sunday Recipe - Ravioli


  • 400g (approx. 14 oz.) of durum wheat
  • a little bit of water
  • 3-4 tomatoes
  • some goats cheese
  • some basil
  • salt and pepper

Sunday Recipe - Ravioli Sunday Recipe - Ravioli


  1. Cut the tomatoes as well as the goat’s cheese into little pieces (leave out the soft part of the tomatoes)
  2. Mix everything with a mixer and add salt, pepper and other spices you like (I added basil as well)
  3. Prepare the dough for the ravioli according to my pasta recipe and do all the steps apart from cutting the pasta plates into tagliatelle.
  4. Instead cut the plates into two halfs so that you have two long stripes
  5. Make little piles of the tomato – goat’s cheese mixture on one of the stripes (always leave some room around them)
  6. Then place the other stripe on top of it and press the dough together on all sides around the little piles.
  7. Use a cutter to cut out the ravioli
  8. Boil the ravioli for 2 1/2 minutes in a frying pan. Then they will be good to serve.

Sunday Recipe - Ravioli Sunday Recipe - Ravioli Sunday Recipe - Ravioli Sunday Recipe - Ravioli

The homemade ravioli are perfect together with some salad and meat. We had some chicken and a mixed green salad with it. You can also change the filling to other things you like and include some other vegetables, cheese, meat or even fish – whatever you like really.

If you ever try this, I guarantee you that you will never have ravioli out of tin in your life again!

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    • Definitely!!! Homemade pasta is awesome!!! It is a bit of work but it is not hard and so worth it!!! Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by!!!


    • Thank you Andj!!! It was sooo yummy and is so easy to make… Thanks for stopping by!!!


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