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The Discovery of the Third Gilmore

There are some TV-Shows that I really love! One of them is Gilmore Girls! I’ve already watched all seasons three times, but I still enjoy watching it! I enjoy watching this TV-Show so much because of the great dialogues and because it covers all my personal interests like books, movies, cloths, food, etc… Looking deeper into my interest into this TV-Show one can probably argue as well that I can feel with Lorelai and the problems she always has with her parents. Moreover, I still hope to have such a great relationship with my own kids at some point in my life as Lorelai and Rory have in the TV-Show.

Even though I haven’t watched Gilmore Girls this weekend, it cheered me up because I discovered the third Gilmore! Yes, there is more than two of them – believe it or not! One of my housemates is more or less an identical twin of Rory Gilmore. This is for the following reasons:

  • First of all: She is thin and has long and curly brown hair
  • She is really smart and was always the best in her class
  • She always wanted to become a journalist and in the end studied Journalism
  • She has a fantastic relationship to her parents
  • She loves reading books, watching TV-Shows and movies
  • She enjoys shopping
  • She loves fast food and hates sports and nevertheless, she is not gaining weight

All of these characteristics describe Rory Gilmore as well! I can really picture my friend sitting on a bench in Stars Hollow, reading a book and just enjoying her life! I really had to laugh when I finally made this discovery this weekend! This way, Gilmore Girls, again, managed to make my life a little bit funnier! Rory Gilmore was always my most favourite character in this TV-Show. Having her twin around me all the time makes my life a lot funnier. Before I met her, I did not go shopping that often but she reintroduced me to the fun a shopping tour with a friend be! She suggested most of the TV-Shows I was watching during the last year and because of her and some other friends my obsession for movies started… She even introduced me to writing. She was talking about writing so much that I started writing this blog even though I always considered myself as a pretty bad writer.

This way, I just wanted to say thanks to the Third Gilmore for these great experiences! I wouldn‘t have had them without her!

One addiction I definitely share with Rory: Books…

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