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The Downside of Holidays

I just had 10 days off from the office and my second job. It was a great time! I’ve traveled and I have experienced a lot of different things. I feel really relaxed and prepared to go back to work now. But there is one thing that really annoys me about all this. Before you go away and when you come back from your holidays you have to work your ass off to cover for the time you will be missing. You work longer hours than usually and start to stress out. When you then go on holiday you know that you need them. Coming back is the same: you are feeling stressed out after a couple of days ane get the impression that you need anothet holiday to relax again.

So in the end, where is the whole point in taking days off when the only thing you reach is feeling more stressed out than before???

Still, I love my holidays because they give me time to travel and see the world. I never stay at home when I take days off because I would feel as if I would be wasting money… I am always thinking of a solutin for protecting me from being stressed out from work before and after my holidays but so far I was rather unsuccessful…

There is only one thing that I do that helps me a bit and that is checking my emails once in a while during my holidays. Not that I am working on them but I just delete all the spam and order the other ones in folders so that I can start working straight away when I get back to the office without loosing time reading emails that are not worth reading…

If anyone of you has another idea of how to manage to be less stressed out, let me know…

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