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The First Job Interview

My first job interview after sending out over 100 applications was yesterday! It worked out fine and I am soooo happy about it!

I was told beforehand that there is going to be a written assignment but I thought it was just to test my ability of using the english language… this idea was completely wrong and I was so not prepared for what was asked for me. After arriving in the office which is situated in one, if not THE best are of London, I found myself in a room with a few sheets of paper, some questions and a calculator. Right, I needed the calculator because the first part was all about calculating profits, revenues, costs, break-even points etc…. it felt like sitting in my financial management exam again… The second part of the written assignment was more creative and I had to mention ideas about slogans, book cover texts, business plans and other marketing ideas. In the end I was really satisfied for what I wrote but in the first few minutes I was about to panic and my first thoughts were: Oh my god, I am not going to get this job! I am so going to fail!!!! But then I calmed myself down and told myself that I am not stupid and that I’ve done these things before and that I am going to get the job! That helped…

After the written assignment there was an interview which was great! It was very intense because I had to put myself in many different situations and had to come up with great ideas and answers in a very short time but I managed it. The woman interviewing me was really nice. In the end we were talking about books and traveling. She told me that if I am going to work there, I could easily transfer from one office to another on a worldwide basis when I’m completely settled in because they all work together anyway. The other offices are located in cities like Berlin, Dubai, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto which sounds amazing!!! The job involves traveling as well which I really like! Moreover she told me about the London team that it is really young and they often go out for drinks together after work. The whole atmosphere in the office was really friendly and nice!

After 1 1/2 hours of written assignments and interview, I was exhausted but happy when she told me that the next step is going to be another interview with the Marketing Director Europe. She told me that she is going to email me about that again but the way she was saying things pointed into the direction that they are going to invite me again!

Today I received the official invitation for the interview for next Tuesday!!! So keep your fingers crossed!! I really want this job because it is my dream job and I really feel that I would fit into the company and the office perfectly!

At the moment I definitely feel that there is progress in my life and that it is not all that bad anymore! In fact, I am really happy in the moment!

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